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The Unseen And Untold Dangers Of The Universal Jobmatch Website & Other Scarry Problems

I bet some of you are thinking fkn hell..
after some of the facebook concepts he exposed.. and the crap that stirred
wtf has he found with this website?

Ok lets take this one slow, because this one really concerns a hell of a lot of people
(it also concerns a hell of a lot of aspects you would NEVER of thought of) 
facebook & having home insurance? 
look out for that below.. because it CAN be a breach of your policy!!!
if you use this site.. you are at risk of potential loss if your not careful
also look out for the actual  REPORTED  fake employers.. yeah that's right...

most of you reading this came online in a time where you had a PC  (not a smart phone)  you looked for things from your childhood like toys on eBay, you joined forums that debated on things you loved
ALL they wanted was a simple    USER NAME... EMAIL...  PASSWORD...

TODAY most new internet users land here on a smartphone, which centres around "Social Media Apps"  blame who you want for getting you hooked on mad cat videos on youtube, or blame who got you hooked playing a facebook games for 4 hours solid.. BUT REMEMBER    In the land of Facebook and  Google+   The rules state "REAL"  First Name & Surname

Your now an Online Entity (you may of chosen to join fb or G+)  but its the Gov that forced you to join the Universal Jobmatch website.. and this subject is going to get very very messy indead
(would you of ever hit facebook or G+   if you hadn't been forced to get an email address?)

The job centres shipped in and out random advisor's to harass people, telling people YOU MUST  register on the site, harassing people when they sign on..  upload a CV  AND  record your job search  "I Record Mine In A Book"  yes thats right.. im not the only one neither, but listen  ;)

The REAL RULES you are NOT told is as simple as this

Sign Up On The Site & Upload A Public CV (this helps companies find you) so i find that valid right
but thats it...  you can record your job search on paper  (their tryna do away with that so your sign on is a person you can't understand in a call centre god knows where)  More people in the uk out of work... Job Centres Closed...  They forced people to job search, yet shut libarys,  they didn't care about you appealing a sanction because you couldn't use a computer.. it gave them 6 months breathing space (while your wating) for them to re-manage the budget..

So anyway you now have a Public CV searchable by employers only.. but who are the employers? where are the safe guards?.  i asked, they failed to reply as did 6 advisor's in bootle job centre, because they don't no. I even asked in Ingeus, sefton at work and the op shop,  they all to don't know.
Im being told to upload a massive chunk of my history to this place, a place that lets companies send you outside to job-ahoy and monster and other places, some advertisers get hacked and then you have a pop up tells you your computer is infected.. who vets the advertisers outside  (let alone the jobs OR companies)

HERE This Has To Be The Finest Example Of A Term I Once Heard That Said
What The Actual FK

 Only thing they got right is the fkn disclaimer.. which loosely translated says
any website your FORCED to visit by an advisor or employer is not their problem, any damage, hacks, loss of personal data is also not their problem..  thats what the Disclaimer says..
We don't endorse them or trust them, but we will force you to visit them, even though your on an out dated insecure system  in a library

What i wana no is "This Job Is.."   is what?
and how do i apply for this job?  oo i see the job description
you'd be surprised how long that job was live on the system.. was a fair while...
just a fluke?.. nar.. kiddin?.. with todays system?  ok  heres another...

As an advisor you main responsibilities will involve (lying to clients, but we can't say that in public, so lets just pile in some HTML and PHP jibberish) But when they sign on, moan about reading the book, make them feel bad.. get them on the job site  (and put the regular advisor your sitting next to out of a job) 
I do love where that was going, but the offset of that is, we can get you an SAI, FLT or first aid badge.. next...  us individuals have been trying to get help for years with specific projects, advisor's arnt trained for the BS in that description.. nor do they have the "Resources OR the Contacts"

OK WHAT ABOUT SEFTON @ WORK, better than the job centre?
people i gotta say i fkn love this one with a passion, they approved this

Come on how many got it?
Ok.. your required to have the ability to work on your own initiative. Will be following a tested call script. I am really sorry but following a script kinda tells me NOT to use my own initiative im afraid...

But all joking aside and poking fun at people who have them jobs, yet can't do them..

I see jobs listed & when you click apply they take you to 3rd party websites full of spyware, pop ups, adverts.. all these cookies tracking you  (a lot of you are on library computers with out of date versions of windows with out of date virus killers)  forced to log into an email account to see if anyone has mailed you a job.. Things called keyloggers store details if systems are infected, this is how your mates get spam emails off you.. because you where hacked..  The gov has dumped a load of unequipped extremely ill prepared people on the web, whos mates first fkn thought is get  on facebook its cool, or go hit flickr.. or similar social media site.

Here is something they do NOT tell you..  Your PUBLIC CV should NOT  contain your home address OR your phone number, BUT your advisor if any brains will insist you upload a "PRIVATE CV that does contain it"  that's fine as long as an advisor isn't sending it on your behalf.. you can forward it when an employer requests it (if you trust said contact on that site)   Staff training rarely ever goes well in any place...  some advisor's will actually argue with you.. go look at the "Disclaimer" on the universal jobmatch site..  Are you really going to make your full name, address and phone number PUBLIC after reading that disclaimer?
what a shower of fff, 

The Dangers....
So Your Public CV  (if it contains your phone number & address then watch out)

I register on the universal job match site as an employer
Today me and my mates would like to get our hands on a load of photography equipment, so lets search for "Photographer"  and check out your cv's

Just how long is it until i find one that has all his own equipment, hes single so hes willing to travel  (single.. = lives alone)  Ok lets arrange a job interview.. lets actually list a job and send this person an invitation to apply for it  (and of course if you don't.. you risk a sanction from your advisor) So you have no choice but to go and meet gawd knows who...
While your travelling to a place that doesn't exist who's in your house?
so your not a professional photographer, yet its a massive hobby, your jobs way off base to the hobby
but theirs enough videos of you doing a brand new camera review once a month on youtube
Maybe you just sit their with your epic collection of 2000 xbox games on the wall behind you.. you silly silly poser  : /

Far Fetched?
Ok many people book holidays online, it has been WELL known that sometimes houses are burgled because the address was sent from a booking office employee to a burglar.  Also note in a country where people are gona be working for £1.83 an hour while tryna also keep up job centre commitments.. money is getting hard to come by & humanity, morality, and goodwill towards whoever is fading fast.

Ok.. so you have a public CV (just ur name) your hobbies/interests/ what ever that about me section says is a shopping list.. your name is a way to find you on facebook, a photo with a street sign
.  Just see how many people simply tag their mate in a photo at the pub?,  or you book your self in somewhere your having dinner at.. on the facebook app.

Hell i could just put down i worked where you worked and use your name to get approved for a job and work on the side for a while.... then wonder off

(with an odd example)
You know if you fit Alloy wheels to your car it increases the value, if your in a car accident OR stolen and you didn't inform your insurance company about them wheels, then all claims are off & your insurance was invalid.  So you also get fkd for driving with no insurance and have to pay everything else out to..

we all know this.. and the one of the biggest claws breakers is.. Sorry but your home and its contents where splattered all over the net.  Some insurance companies now ask if you use social media sites, some just hide it in the small print.  Many tick it, its just a question, its oblivios, your lookin for their claws that'll burn you and a question about "do you use facebook"  first thing u do is chuckle at a funny meme ya saw an hour ago and tick yes.  You maybe never had an email or anything when you took out the policy, have you informed them your now an internet user, have you read their internet user information or requirements?

Why would the job centre even tell you that.. their not trained to.. its not their job to.. this is something you either think about and look into.. or you just don't care..  meanwhile that smartphones being smarter than many..

How many of you know the gov gave your Doctors permission to share information with 3rd party companies unless you went into your doctors and signed a form to say NO  ?
That means a 3rd party company can even access what's wrong with you, allergys, medication the works..
(this was optional.. most people where not told about it)  the gov said EVERY drs surgery would send letters to patients in plenty of time to opt out.. Did you get a letter?   i don't know anyone who did.. or even new
Enjoy all that fkn spam from company's that know you

So via the GOV's get an email address  (and heres how to make a cv)  your an identity and a shoping list, add facebook, a spice of google, little dash of myspace and some android or ISO dating apps and bang...

O.V.H  recently sent me a letter saying they where sharing resident information with another type of agency  (this will help confirm who i am if i want sky, or a loan)  no it wont will it?,  sky wont want a deposit if im on that list?  a loan officer wont want any form of collateral if im on that list?

What scares me the most is how ever much they sell us out right
Many of you folks out their are doing just as bad "to your self and mates"  with profile settings on sites and your own phones settings.  I never got into computers until around 2001 (to try and get my own music on cd)  i got lost in a whirlwind of fan sites about all kinds, but these days these fan communities revolve around social media sites & most of you arnt savi enough to be on them.. nor should the people in ingeus or any other place just set you up an email, set u up on the job site, then let you start signing up on loads of places using that email on your phone  (im not saying FORCE PC CLASSES besides one i was sent to killed the whole system replacing ONE mouse)  i diagnosed how by asking what changes in the room had been made.. I fixed job though... just another pat on the back..

I once uncovered a flaw in reed in bootle (when they had windows 2000) that gave access to the system directories, that gave server access and access to the staff accounts AND MY FKN BANK DETAILS..    another pat on the back  (why do i look though?)  because i am weary about where people tell me to sit & log in...  I ALSO FIX COMPUTERS AS A HOBBY.. im extremely bloody good at it to, on a deeper note i used to write software, and do game design.. not bad for a dude of my age with such a late start (but then i had time to read around and a creative imagination)

People need to stand up, be counted, we loose the job centres we are finished & sold off
and thats coming, meanwhile job-ahoy, monster, cv liabary are making web traffic money while advertisers spam away & the gov site says risk your hardware.. your details.. not our fkn problem...

Notice how much SPAM you get, with your actual name on?,  your time wasted because you thought the email was genuin, but it wasn't, but you where sent to a site (when clicking apply)  that had step 1 name, job title & browse to CV
step 2 (optional)  give us ya name address and email
BUT that step 2 is a button.. last thing to load.. so most don't see it

its like the mcafee and google chrome annoyances on FLASH and SHOCKWAVE and ACROBAT  downloads that kill ya virus killer by installing a useless trial of an app most companies use (making it a bigger target for specific hackers & tools they use to get into the companies) From windows XP and up we have been using a Network OS (in the home)  for no real reason at all...

I am tech guy, you need to be when you produce edit & essentially do all ya own stuff (unless you can afford to pay someone skilled)  i can't...  so i learn.. and what i see is shocking

Skip the cat meme and the silly hats society or what ever draws you into another world for an hour or two  & please look at what your sharing, what you should do & what you shouldn't do
And help find a solution to a problem the GOV has created by forcing 100's of thousands to go online, with no clue even where pics are landing on line when taken with their phone...

Knowledge is power, sharing it is helping evolution

which is mostly what i do here...

I believe facebook is an issue (but not a problem) the user is the actual problem, facebook do try hard to ensure privacy  (They Assume You've Actually Read The Rules & Guide Lines)  most don't have a clue, so we can't just blame facebook.

also Computers Are Thick, unless YOu know what to look for you wont find it, social media does help you find INFO,  and i don't just mean on people, i mean on Subject Matter..

I was considering "TWEETING"  this to the Universal Jobmatch Twitter...  so what did i do...  well i went to google and i searched for  Universal Job Match Twitter  (if i just looked for  Universal Jobmatch  then that is all that would of come up)  but because of "Search Terminology" IE computers are thick, give it more info it listed the results like so

If it wasn't for Twitter (social media site)  existing.. then you would have to look for something like  Universal Jobmatch Concerns, facts, problems (and hope something pops up)  Listed on that first result is a Tweeted link to a Wordpress Page in Ipswich..    Now chances are (and im not even gona look.. you can)  IF  you type into Google  "Universal Jobmatch Fake Employers"  his Wordpress might be further up the list than the concerned guy who shared the info   (unless a guy in your City has a BLOG,   chances are google will rank that fake employers list higher up the search results  (especially if your BROWSER or OPERATING SYSTEM.. be it windows, mac, or even the GPRS in iOS or Androud is transmitting your city)
but my point here isn't even why don't they have a twitter and tweet jobs?, albeit a great question.... but besides that... this IS just another  BOGUS  use of  that  Website
only again i say.. but this website your forced to use, facebook, twitter, myspace and everywhere else.. your not

Facebook, twitter, myspace, flickr, tumblr AND ALL OTHER  social media websites are NOT being called into question here.. what is being explained here is the peoples own misuse, mistakes and use of websites and mobile aps that they have NO control over (due to their own level of competence) AND people are NOT really being bashed here to an extent of hatred, its more a cause of it bloody devastates me how we are being sold down the river while laughing at pictures of cats and stuff...

Who even reads a license agreement on an installer?
Just how many have ended up with  Mcfee
Just how many have ended up with  Norton
Just how many have ended up with  Chrome
Just how many have ended up with  Realplayer

And You Had OR Have No Idea Why?

 hell ive seen someone end up with a blackberry ended up with iTunes  ROFL
 I shouldn't laugh really
(well i should at that iTunes one, its no accident, its erm.. well anyway moving on)

come on be honest.. reply below... i no at least 1000 people LMFAO
(and before you judge my mates, MOST of them were just people out their online)

I know a hell of a lot of people forced online by the gov, and decide well while im here, lets see if i can find thingy, so ya sign up all over the place, but their are people out their who make tutorials (video and text)  right away you can google search  (how to increase the size of TEXT on my screen)  and you look for the word "tutorial" with it,  otherwise it'll be software for sale to do a job your laptop already can

you can watch "Video Tutorials" on YouTube,  "the computers are thick thing?"
terminoligy to search is key
Tutorial for example, could be    Tutorial  OR REPLACE WIth ONE OF THESE

Tut, Guide, Help, Advise

You try tutorial first (then tut) these 2 key choice words cut down the amount of useless results you have to check out, again knowledge is power but  (also time is money)
The hard facts is though you need to know what your using, how it works, what its doing when your asleep.

User error is common but so stupidity, honesty is needed..

MATE: my pc died..
ME: why..
MATE:  i duno
ME: have you installed anything
MATE: no
ME: you sure
MATE: dude am fkn sure
ME:   nobhead .. points finger at it

You no when they say "sorry can you call back later the system is down"
some dumb ass killed it!!!   (any IT guy will tell u that)
and these computer crashing fools have been online probably longer than a lot of you
i mean level 380 on school of magic and 50, million chickens on frontiervile
yet no clue how the rest of the site works or just how much is splatterd across it when ya load up some random site and hit  "Log In With Facebook"
IE.. share my name, date of birth, profile image and location,  sometimes even  "alow this place im login in to access my friends list AND post on my wall "on my behalf"  post.. bang.. mates visit.. bang mates bk wtf u send me their for..)


Note these tutorials are mentally demanding, normally very informative (last one ended very badly granted) but the guides i write are to the point (if read with an OPEN mind)  and you need to have one online, you need to learn.. some of you do with that email you where forced to create
or that smart phone or laptop you just had to get  is just crazzy.

even if your gona join somewhere OR already a member, google things
if you have a problem with someone and you would ask a mate (if they used it)
word the question how you would say it (into google search)
its a pretty smart engine and its getting better

IF you want to look at that list the people in Ipswitch posted (ber in mind the companies advertise ALL through the UK)  so have a look at the list.. applying for them just looks to be just a data gathering experiance IE, sending them ya cv's is building up an address book, you essentialy agrea they can share with "interested relevent parties"  definition of that is anyone with the right contacts and certificats on the payrol....  or hired for 2 days to transfare your info to a company thats buying it.. spam spam spam spam.. anyway that lads Epic list is here

Rock on that guy....

also when lookin round i spotted this

single job description ... appeared on Universal Jobmatch more than 3,000 times

(bad bad bad sign)  ide google that but i do have a life, if you guys wana look it up then please do

This maybe my last tutorial for a while, as ive said they are demanding and extremely indepth from multiple directions that cover many horrific concepts they can be abused for.. but before i take a break (for some music, as its been a while) i figured ide share these horrors in one post...

I would like to make a "Smartphone"  video and a text & photo based blog post about specific risky apps, like camera apps that force you to switch on GPRS, or even just how to turn OFF the AUTO GPRS  (even on older java phones)  you can learn how to REMOVE that weird  Blue  G  or  E  on onlder java mobiles using the guide here for  "AUTO ON GPRS"  in this very extensive samsung tocco guide i wrote a while back on the pc repairs blog i have.


I should point out i wrote that blog post & i don't think by the amount of Indepth detail involved in that blog post means i think you have to lean just as much as that about your own phone, i don't
But with all that info about a JAVA  phone.. you can find ur phone even if its been turned off.. you can also find the phone if its been lost..  or the person lost with it..   but if your just a guy using the phone.. you turn it off and save like  8% battery, amp wise it lowers the constant drain and  i get a 2 weeks out of a 1 full charge on tocco for calls and texts while left on 24/7    ;)

note that guide supports MOST Samsung  "JAVA"  not android
and it supports many NEC and other JAVA Phones
NEVER USE THE MASTER RESET (read that bit carefully or IME is gone)



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