Friday, 8 May 2015

Am I Mad.. Feel Free To Comment Please

After deciding to take music serious (after around 20 years of messing about like an idiot) I spent a year on and off just playing random stuff, some analogue, some digital, varied ideas mostly real time stuff off the top of my head.

Then after 20+ albums and 1000+ tracks within 11 months a mate said i should put a show reel together (i hadn't as i have no aspirations tbh) but i tried to work with 1000+ pieces and managed to narrow it down to 82 little chunks of emotion (my hardware & software has improved since i made this) but almost everything in the video is from a real time recording with 3 keyboards, 1 pc and 2 sustain peddles.

Feel free to let me know what you thing of my work, no holds barred. I was born with natural music theory "apparently" and i have no training or connections to trained musicians. So any feed back is truly appreciated from one humble muso to another.. Am i on the right path with self employment as a composer? or am i simply mad?  Should i follow this musical path? do i have what it takes?

my own father & grandfather had this gift and this emotional curse by birth
 Neither of them followed it to see where it leads.
Looking for a public Opinion so have your say...

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