Saturday, 5 July 2014

Using My Music In Game Missions GUi's and Addons

Some time ago now i released 2 work in progress game addons called
TheWraithScoresFX1.pbo     and    TheWraithScoresFX2.pbo

They work in all the bis games, but recently i just fail to have any time to really work on them and comments upon the bis release topics noted about the use & distribution of individual tracks within missions (rather than my addon's being required)

At the time i couldn't permit that as i was in limbo with just what to do & who to sign with (label wise) Nor did i have time to perfect addon volume levels in updates.
I have since then chosen a self employed aspect meaning i own and maintain all rights to my music. It was never really intended for retail anyway, but folks didn't want it until i put a price tag on it lol.  Since then ive had my music on sale in many online stores.. yet still been giving the music away via my facebook "group" in the files tab  (but only for video editors & none commercial use)

I Am Expanding That Agreement To Cover
USE & Distribution Of Individual Tracks!!
In Addons, Missions, GUi's for the Full range of bis games under the name OFP /ARMA

What ever happens (in the future)
all tracks within the FB group will remain their & remain usable under that agreement..
ANY changes to that agreement would only include "possible" future works...
 To which they wouldn't be uploaded their UNTIL i allow them to enter that license agreement & terms.

IE Only use music files downloaded from (The FB Group) don't just randomly rip things from my youtube channels...  if theirs a track on youtube you can't find in the group, comment on the YT video and ask if i can put that track in the group (if i legally can.. i just might) either way, if im alive you'll get a response... IF you "join" the facebook group, you may wish to disable the group notifications (sometimes i upload 5 to 10 files a day at random hours, save notifications annoying you)
In the group, click "Files" then use that search option (use the tabs at the top of this page your on now as a preview list and file name guide for music, drones & sfx to look for on fb to download)  ;)

Nothing will be deleted from the group or removed from the agreement....

Youtube Monetisation?
Sadly no (not at this time) BUT it is safe to use on youtube (you just get a claim, NOT a strike)  the claim has no bearing on the good standing of your account (and never will)  Over time "as i am in talks at the moment" with a company that should allow a video maker to enter the name of the track & a video link on their site (then the video maker will earn half the ad revenue)  but this system is not yet in place.  I will update this info when they enable it.

But besides that.. this is for missions & gui's and tbh making movies is a whole other ballgame right?  anyway i hope they enable that soon, will give incentive to use my stuff in movies.....

Q) So how can you help me in return for this really nice gift?
A) pretty simple really, you could do any of the following.. follow this blog , or subscribe to my main youtube here,   maybe like my   facebook page here   Or even follow me on twitter here lol,  Google  TheWraith517  and hit what ever where ever...   Please remember i don't get paid for this, i don't use stat boosting systems, i prefer an honest fan base, so please help my fan based numbers grow around the web as much as you can  (remember the facebook group is where the files are, not the page)


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