Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cd Retail Sample Arrvied

A Packaged retail sample of my album arrived today via ups, and i haven't had the guts to unrap it yet and take a look pmsl, on a serios note though, i never thought ide see the day, and now im unsure if i want to see it as a final product, Im not in it to sell cd's (clearly as you can download it for free) Its just disk optional for those who arn't pc savi enough to get one burnt (or one burnt that'll work in their player) wich many copies dont in some hi-fi's. I might unwrap it later and take a look : /
(and for the airwolf fans a little trivia) the disks made & sent from Haskel Ave Van Nuys CA lol
I orderd VOL 002 as my first sample because i prefer it to vol 1, although i love them both, i personaly felt theirs less track skippers on vol 2, everyones taste is different though & vol 1 is a lot more varied style wise & composition wise... Both worth a look, Vol 3 is still in production

Little Video UnWrapping It

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