Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Airwolf Vs KnightRider Banned

Airwolf Vs KnightRider Banned By Universal Studios (May 2012)
Just what happened to ALL These long lost classic(s)??

The Email From YouTube..
An email i never ever expected after the money NBC made off this

The Warning on youtube its self...
Blocked and a penalty to force ME to remove it rather tha it saying This Was Removed By NBC..

The Incomplete Views Because Google Broke Youtube..
It lost stats from oct 2005 (not 2006) to 2007, upload date was 2005, google broke youtube

Sadly the so called Mighty Google LOST all the Statistics from before 2007 for a lot of videos
So here's the only stat's i could get before i had to remove it

Location and Peak Flow View Stat's - NOTE  THE 2005 Upload Date NOT 2006
Location and Gender along with the invalid lifetime date of 2007
Decline in minuets watched shows when YT users started preferring shorter videos
Most Popular Countries
Likes and Dislikes
In the Video manager
So i bid farewell to a project that cost me money due to hardware dammage the editing caused, yet a video i was proud of & a video that changed ideas & concepts and Inspired many airwolf fans
The Video takes a bow out over a million views (and that was before google f*cked up the stats)
so more close to 1.6 mill....

Maybe they wanted it gone because i uploaded it in October 2005, yet clearly google have that oct 2005, yet they then say its 2006 and 2007...  they seriously damaged YouTube when they took over.

Remember the YouTube Awards People Won.. also gone
Today.. in 2015, sometimes i get a comment on a video, when i go to view that comment (its a new comment)  but above that it says "Some Comments Marked As Spam, Click Here To Review Them"
The notification is a comment from TODAY,  the one marked as Spam (is often not spam and was marked as spam by a troll many years ago)  So i have missed many comments off people.. some of which date back to 2005 and 2006, so if i never replied to you.. i never got your comment.. I answered all who commented and didn't get flagged. Note ive been into the Youtube spam filter and Nothing is their.. It seams the Comments marked as Spam (years ago)  .. Only show up when someone comments on that video Today...

So im still often only just getting comments today from years ago & now i can't comment on them due to G+ and youtubes privacy settings, i can no longer comment upon old comments that come forward...  That's really sad what happened to youtube between 2005 and 2007  :(
Sorry if i never got back to you.. google certainly never apologised to me and im still getting comments from the past on 100's of videos duno when that'll end.. tbh it may never..

Sad to think the odd couple of trolls back on the org still inadvertently hampering things in 2015 by actions they did in 2005 i hope google fix that issue  : /

SO... what about the mystery behind Airwolf Versus KnightRider part 3?
well, that was going to be pretty complex & built from a lot of material. The idea would have been to start gathering all the "boy meets world clips" off youtube as MP3, this would have given me a mountain of Dialogue to edit for kitts talking. I already have a stack of JMV and Ernest borgnine movies and alex cord clips, so that would have left baywatch clips for more hoff dialogue. But Airwolf vs KnightRider part 3 would have kicked serious a**. For extra visuals and camera perspectives i was also looking into youtube videos of peoples own custom kitt cars and airwolf RC footage to bring some truly stunning & unseen clips from all sides blended to match, such a shame this project got binned by the studio because it had so much potential.

This Post Was Made 22/5/2012..
This Post Was Updated 18/5/2015..

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