Saturday, 6 June 2015

How To Block ANYONE From A Facebook Page Even If They Don't Like It Or Comment On It Users & Pages Working Fix

How To Block ANYONE From A Facebook Page Even If They Don't Like It Or Comment On It?
This has been asked soooo many times.. its been Years now toooo

Most tutorials regard google chrome bah.. well this one you can do it simply with FireFox!!
Watch the video.. block the user.. and no more mystery phantom messages you can't block
because after doing this.. that troll is gone.. its dead simple to, so once you've done it, its a lot easier for you to do this than for them to keep making new emails and fb accounts ;)
Other help is on this same page scroll down past the video for other info
even your nan could do this...

MISC Help:
Website to turn Profile LINK into the users Facebook ID Number Here  Also another site that finds it Here  if they fail.. then try this one Here BUT make sure you put the  ? at the end of the users name.
Other problems?..  Make Sure its a profile your trying to block. OR see below...

all you need to do their is make sure after changing the ID number.. you also change the user_id to page_id

Image highlighting the User ID (right click the url as shown in the video to select Edit HTML)

Please Share This.. Help Fight The Trolls..

UPDATE: we've been told by a fb user this is working just as easy with chrome ;)

Microsoft Silverlight (plugin) thats what makes the adverts update on facebook, so they change, even if you sit on the same page, the plugin also lets you re-arrange your photos. With that, in turn it'll let you update code in real time (even though its not saved to facebooks servers)
IE. without silverlight you would have to Edit the page save it & then refresh.. that refresh would loose all saved changes & load the unmodified page from fb..

So how did i work this out?  what's my sources?
I used this same concept for 2 years adding "Follow This Blog" widgets to newly made blogs that only offered the G+ Followers button and not the blogger widget
I only looked into fb code due to the troll blocked in the video   ;)

How can you block a facebook user from your page?
How can i block a facebook user from my page?
How to block a user from your facebook page?
How do i block a user from my facebook page?

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