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Offering My Skills To Affect Positive Change

Offering My Skills To Affect Positive Change!!!   5 June 2013

First i want to say i do this as a "Worker" not a "Boss"  i do NOT want control over this project..
I am simply offering my services,  which are pretty vast for one man...

The bedroom tax in Liverpool is making many struggle, but people marching and protesting fail to realize that while they arrange a March or a Peaceful Protest.... the guys in shirts arrange a way to strip the local budget and dip into the funds...

Example £1800 for 40 guard rails... £4000 for extra policing... £1400 extra staff monitoring CCTV on announced marching dates, people in suits just making up prices and outsourcing work to people they no. Each time you do this, their is a LINE of People taking a DIP.. a lot of which drive round saying Vote For us. Your doing what they want... and you can't even see it can you?   you may even win.. i hope you fkn do tbh... but mark my words.. you wont get a result until the local aholes have emptied all the kittys...

 I am not tryna put people off marching, i am trying to make people realize that the bigger the march.. the larger the expected numbers in the gathering..  the more the community suffers down the line when the budget is gone, and the trade off of that IS THIS.. next year.. 40% of the council tax instead of 20%...     

 Next April we WILL be hit harder at this rate. Because OAP's aren't paying for the first year towards Council tax, hence why ours is 20%, IE.. So ours should drop next April when they start paying
(but at this rate it wont, it'll surly rise to cover all the police and stuff from this year)

 I was number 1 song writer in liverpool for 2 months, i was number 1 composer in the world for 6 months (IE.. music and lyrics are right here) im also not a bad video editor, ive directed a few movies (im even credited on the internet movie database) what i LACK is transport and people to talk to, stories to tell... no tv station is covering this are they? everyone's avoiding it, but clearly google are pretty much impartial and the videos stand on youtube... So maybe video is the way? but that takes organization and stories that matter, visually shown with music that also sells its story..

 It's only when you look at how they portray you and the terms they use to describe you (behind closed doors) that you beat them with niceness, rather than being seen as a crowd, a mob, a "possible" riot

 This is Liverpool, lot of artists here, be it visually or musically or lyrically, we are a city that brought the beatles to the world, we have the potential to do things differently, but it takes someone with some organization skills that knows people, and places heavily effected and people willing to talk on a camera...

 Im willing to work on video OR audio, or lyrics if anyone wanted to do a song of some kind (and im willing to do it free) but i have zero contacts and zero transport, but what i do have is imagination and the capability to produce a video and the music

 the downside to this idea is people would have to ber their soul, show their living conditions, this would be one of the hardest things for people to do and you can bet a few will break down and cry, but the reality of this is that's how many of us feel inside, but when you stand waving banners and shouting.. you just don't come across how you intended to

 ya no in a paranoid world you could say the Barriers that the council hire are hired from the brother of a guy who arranges marches and protests..... this needs to be done where their is NO WAY anyone can directly earn from it.. that way no one can stop it while its under investigation and all that crap they spin to stop ideas that would of worked..

also i guess submitting a video rather than a petition is something new on this scale, and the public are more likely to watch it, than read through 50 thousand signatures....

My work speaks for its self, as do the video views on both my youtube channels
anyone wants help with a video project  like this, reply below or message me on facebook

remember... Gathering for a peaceful protest = an organized Mob
Gathering for a peaceful protest = a "possible" Riot
All valid reasons for them to dip into the local petty cash...
You have to look at this how THEY are looking at you...
only then can you change what you appear to be into showing who you really are...
no news papers, no news crews.. and mark my words, when the news crew IS their, you can guarantee a few people no ones ever saw start throwing stuff (they'll be a plant)

 This Is Why Things WONT Change Unless We DO...

We need to wise up and rise above this on a level they don't expect

IF you would rather just march with zero news coverage heres the march flyer
(sadly it doesn't list a gathering point) which is kinda stupid tbh.. because bootle is a big place
The official "Stand Up In Bootle" facebook group is Here 
I will add a location if ones disclosed down the line... 

UPDATED BELOW.. SEE 2nd Poster!!! 

There is also an event at Bootle Magistrates Court on the 13th of June at 10 am Info on that Here

R18 Video... but its worth a Listen...

UPDATED 18th July 2013

Since making this offer NO ONE has got back to me from "Stand Up In Bootle"
yet they have cancelled the march  and decided on just a Gathering.. the post for that is this

But still NO ONE is realizing while their all fkn about over this, EVERYONE on benefits are being forced to create an Online Digital Footprint.. just to be entitled to their benefits (duno what im on about GOOGLE Digital Footprint)

There are a lot of videos on youtube, but everyone seams to be ranting, chanting and generally kicking off.. its like the picture posted up with the noose "Support David Cameron" until theirs a crowd then let go

This is the image being portrayed. Yes we are angry, yes we are being royally fkd over. and are people acting like their gona burn him first chance they get.. Yet clearly no ones gona get the stones to steal a tank and go do this. 
So wouldn't a more evolved way of doing this to be to get people to speak out on line visually & vocally
videos of people telling it "How It Is"
rather than "What They Think of All This" : /

I pretty much guarantee these guest speakers are going to bring nothing to this event besides cheers of here here, and upping their reputation.. this should make change, not bring high hopes of nothingness..
If people and i mean PEOPLE, every day normal People, really wana make a difference its them that need to be talking & they need to be talking to the Country, and that takes the WEB and VIDEO.. we should be showing the pain.. the problems faced, The Anguish NOT the Anger, the Hardship not the Hate, we understand the country's screwed, but their a limits and their over stepped. you live in a media world owned by the other side, but with emotional pain you can balance out the scales, with all the ranting and shouting ya just paint the picture they want you to, we are not winning this, we are looking disorganized and disgruntle...

 its like the Rail Strikes, they fk over millions of people tryna get around the uk every xmas, they destroy lives every year.. and what do they get for it?
yet if they all got together, raided a board meeting with a TV on wheels and a DVD.. showed the
board what's going on by the fkrs doing their bidding.. sh*t may just change, If not, you at least had your say.. rather than your rant...
And even if not.. You are not out of the race... Just uploading that DVD, taking that viral, defo more chance of having the public behind you than leaving them in the fkn cold over xmas tryna get from A to B with no trains.. There are ways of doing things & when rule of thumb doesn't work you change gear and you change it fast.. the public could put a bigger dent in the rail service than a strike does. Alienating people seldom works, but the majority are alienated by the government and their showing it big time.. but you know full well sometimes its better to just Cry and let it all out than to Argue, the question is what looks better? what really goes down better.. Honesty or Anger? Pain or Prejudice? All acting like some rival faction.. when were just every day people who are victims of corruption.

 So much interest in my offer of help AS OF POSTING THIS UPDATE
only TEN people had read this original blog post...
that i have probably just AGAIN wasted my time on updating it....

I mean the pathetic thing is wtf are we doing ffs? Can you imagine filming just a mere 100 people?

Just how many would actualy talk about "Them Selves" ?
or even "Their neighbour"  or someone they actually no who's in distress ?
I think 2 out of 100.. what about you?

Ya no ALL The rest... would all be "this fkn government" and "that fkn cameron"
Is that how petty and fkn argumentative we really have become?

I smell corruption when a Golden Opportunity (let alone an offer of help)
Is ignored.... Let Alone Ignored... TWICE....

what gives?



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