Saturday, 7 April 2012

Royalty Free and Trailer Music

A Youtube Playlist with Royalty Free & Trailer Music

The idea behind this collection is so that YouTube video makers can use music without fear of their film being banned. Once you buy the album (or the mp3 downloads) you can use them in your video.
You can add the adsence to your videos if you want, but overtime you maybe informed the track is owned by a 3rd party whose advert goes onto your video
(it wont affect your youtube account status OR your video.. Unless You also used (c) music from somewhere else, then youtube gets nancy about to (c) company's arguing & the vids blocked)
It's not advised to use music from real movies in your film, and that's the idea of my cds...
But at some stage I may use Music Publishing Rights (but my terms WONT be blocked in any countries, unless you were foolish enough to use any music from a real movie or (c) company....

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