Saturday, 23 August 2008

Filming Starts on Target Assassin

Filming on target assassin (my mini movie) starts today. After working for a few years with a made on Highlander fan films i decided i wanted to make a movie from scratch and wing it on the spot. So 1.30pm In chestnut house bootle begins the initial filming in the car park, then the lift ride & the assassins visit.

With my friends brother only being in the city for just over a week we will be filming 1pm till dark on the 23rd, 24th, then the 30th and 31st (as folks can only do weekends)

Four afternoons to wing enough to create a movie...
Though this isn't a challenge, we can shoot odd bits later on, but we wont have all the cast, so its gona be tight lmao. No pens.. no paper.. just 2 cams and some double A's...

Note that the main idea for this movie is a learning curve for not just me video editing but for other people out their wishing to learn how to Score a film. I will be releasing a copy of the movie with no actual music score. It will also be a learning curve about DVD creation as i will be creating a dvd with alternate audio channels, easter eggs and subtitles, I also have plans for a directors commentary.

Note, comments are locked on this post. To keep up to date on the Target Assassin project check out the official blog for it here. I will be making the odd post here, but "archive wise" the majority of information will be on the official blog and i will only do the odd post here.