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If you plan to USE any of this music within video uploads, please refer to usage information below
MP3 Sales and FREE Downloads Official Links
Bandcamp Store Here
GooglePlay / Android Market UK Store Here
Amazon UK Store Here
Amazon USA Store Here
iTunes UK Store Here
iTunes USA Store Here
Spotify Store Here
Deezer Store Here

Rdio Store Here

FREE MP3 Downloads?
Most of wraiths music can now be downloaded for free from the Facebook Group (not page)
check it out.. Note the uploads are in Zip Files. read the Groups ABOUT BOX for help on that.

Hard Copy On Compact Disc With ArtWork?
Wraiths music on Disc "was" sold through Audiolife in partnership with Reverbnation, but reverbnation closed the linking to audiolife and essentially removed artists stores.
So CD's are no longer available, though if demand is high for them, i may consider uploading them directly to Amazon.

Will CD's With Box Arts Be Available Again?
That all depends on my landlord O.V.H, its been 4 years and i'm still stuck on ADSL with a 0.56 upload speed. The other issue is amazons system wants each album as uncompressed aiff ALL the tracks IN one single zip file. On this internet connection it is Impossible to do this....

GooglePlay / Android Market requires a google wallet
Amazon requires an amazon account
iTunes requires an Apple ID
and Spotify, no idea... lol


He offers a lot of music for video editors, a wide enough range so you shouldn't have to use 3rd party pieces intermixed with it.  Its highly recommended for legal reasons that you don't use 3rd party music or sound effects from sources that don't allow distribution of any form. Even something as simple as the sound effects within iMovie has had videos blocked and banned from a world wide audience on youtube (which doesn't bode well for Apple at the moment, its something they are trying to fix)

Contact Wraith Via The Message Button On The Faceboook Page if you have any questions about personal use of specific works. But please note ALL music that's out their is already out their (it can't be purchased OR downloaded JUST For "your project"  Because other people are already using it) If you require a specific piece "just for you" then this is something that is going to cost you directly... Depending on your Project or Cause...

Wraith is Now using a Music Publishing Company, and has chosen to use one where they are trying to make it so the up-loader can still earn a percentage from their upload and get a cut of the ad revenue.. He is always working on helping other people... and we will provide more information as soon as we can, until then please ber with us and remember to acknowledge any Content Claims on videos using his music, but check the Artist Name on the claim is TheWraith517, if its not then dispute it if all you used was his work, tell them and name of the tarck the claim should be and the artist as  TheWraith517   in your dispute.

I am still in talks with a company, so even when you have no adsense or you just can't monetise your upload directly, I am working on a way so you can earn a percentage off the video as long as its got my music in it AND you wont require an adsense to do so. I will update this info more when i can...The team involved are currently distributing to youtube & i shall endeavour to provide info on how to earn from the music use as soon as that option has been enabled, note its been a while and im unsure if their ever going to make this available to all members, but i would assume they will OR there would be no incentive for people to use the music right?

Also please note that Audiam manage the music on my behalf, i don't work for them, so if you have any problems OR questions you can always contact me via the facebook "page message button" and i will respond as soon as i humanly can.. and remember my music claims via Audiam don't affect your youtube good standing.. NOR does my music add any of those "click to skip" adverts, so if you have one of them skip adds on your actual upload, that means you used someone elses music (not just mine)  ;)

(We will provide details on how to earn money from his music once the system is fully in place)

Please Note "IT USED TO SAY" and had always stated...

I am NOT a PRS registered artist OR TuneCore or anywhere like that.... the simple fact is if you use my music "Royalty Free"  then anything can happen down the line, if you license it then you have a way of proving you have permission to use it "at what ever scale the license you obtained" covers you for.

And i draw your attention to the BOLD text.. as of  (31/1/2014) i had ZERO sales For and Under the rights of  "Royalty Free Music"  besides my own test buys to see if it worked.. no ones bought anything from itunes, amazon, spotify or googlePlay on or before this date.. yet people ARE apparently using my music they have taken off youtube
So things are changing (but videos with my work in will NOT be banned by me)

see google webcache of older pages if verification of that fact is required

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